Wednesday, January 11, 2017

K-Beauty - Moonshot Cosmetics

One of my newest beauty and skincare favorites actually comes from a rather surprising source: South Korean entertainment giant YG Entertainment. YG Entertainment is famous for its pop groups including BigBang and Black Pink, both of whom are also brand ambassadors for Moonshot.

Moonshot, as far as I can tell, was the idea of a summer intern that ended up coming to be. I wasn't aware of the brand until I stayed in Seoul, South Korea for six months as an exchange student. I found out about it through a friend who is a huge fan of a YG Entertainment group, so I followed her to one of their stores to check it out. I didn't buy anything on my visit, but I ended up having a few hours free time later during my trip and ended up buying a few things. I left Korea wishing I had stocked up on more of the Moonshot product since I liked the items I had so much. I ended up going back to Seoul in December and made sure to stock up on the products I hadn't gotten the first time around.

My first and favorite product from Moonshot is definitely the Microfit Cushion. It's not drying as many cushions can be, and it also has SPF in it, which makes it a double bonus if you accidentally forget sunscreen in your beauty routine. 

The Moonflash Cushion is a more recent purchase. I haven't tried it yet, but the basic idea behind it is a highlighter. It's a highlighter in cushion form. I personally struggle using brushes and applying liquid products evenly throughout my face, so having a highlighter in cushion form is a great thing for someone like me. It comes in a pink-ish shade and works also as a base and top layer. The pinkish tone is great to add a little bit of color to a finished makeup look as a highlighter or works great as a color correcting to soften the tone of the skin.

(Both of these are refill-able, with the re-fills being found here - 'Microfit re-fill' x 'Moonflash re-fill'.)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Influenster e.l.f. Cosmetics VoxBox

Hey all! It's literally been forever since I wrote, but I'm back to write about the latest VoxBox I've gotten! I kind of fell off the Influenster radar for a while because I was constantly traveling and was seriously busy with school, but now I have some free time as I finish up final projects and exams.

I got this in the mail about 2 weeks ago, but I'm finally writing about this! I was so excited to be able to get into this VoxBox because I love e.l.f. and I was excited to be able to try a bit of their new skincare line available on their website!

*I received these products courtesy of Influenster and e.l.f. Cosmetics, but all opinions expressed are mine.*
*All photos are my property. Please do not repost without permission and/or credit*

To begin with, some photos!

Most Influenster VoxBoxes are themed based on the specific brand products inside!

View of the inside of the box

All five products from the box

Monday, October 6, 2014

Influenster Dean's List VoxBox

I was so excited to be able to participate in this VoxBox since I am a college student! I tracked this baby all the way to my door, and then ripped it open the moment I got home. I love everything in this box. Well, almost everything.

Firstly, the box. The box is an awesome shade of forest green, which was pretty cool since it's fall, and it's kind of a fall color. Kind of. Then I opened the box, and was greeted with so many products. I thought there were going to be fewer products so I was pleasantly surprised.

The one thing that kind of bothered me was that the information card was on the bottom of the box, and since it's almost the exact same size as the bottom of the box, it took me almost five minutes to get it out of the box so I could read it.

1) Pilot Pen FriXion Clicker Pens: 1 in blue, 1 in black. Approx retail: $5.75 for 2-pack.
    These pens are awesome. The outsides have a cool almost flame-like pattern on the pen barrel, and it has an "eraser" at the top. The back says it's America's very first gel-ink eraser pen. It also has a coupon on the back for $1.00 off a 2-pack of these pens. The clicker is actually the clip that's on the pen. It's pretty awesome.

2) Softlips Cube in fresh mint. Approx retail: $3.49.
    This is essentially Softlips' answer to the eos egg lip balms, but I'm anxious to see how it compares in performance! I love the scents of the eos balms, but I've found they tend to be actually rather drying. So, hopefully this Softlips cube will be more hydrating! I've loved all the Softlips balms I've tried in the past, so I'm sure I'll love this too.

3) KISS Looks So Natural Lashes. Approx retail: $3.99.
    I've tried false lashes before, and they wouldn't stay on for me, but these ones look lighter and seem almost more like a filler or lash enhancer than a more fancy lash like the Katy Perry lashes, which aren't exactly natural looking. I think these lashes, since they're not so thick, might work well with my eyes! I'm excited to try these.

4) COVERGIRL Ready, Set, Gorgeous Liquid Foundation in shade 305 Golden Tan. Approx retail: $6.99-$8.99
    I've seen tons of ads for this new Katy Perry line for Covergirl, but I've yet to try them. I'm someone who tends to stick to what I know, but since I've gotten this, and it looks like it's my skin-tone shade, I'm definitely going to try this. I like the fact that it's a lighter formula. I don't like thick, heavy ones because they feel cakey on my skin.

5) Playtex Sport Fresh Balance. Approx retail: $3.99.
    I'm honestly not a tampon-person myself, but I'm sure someone I know would like these. They're supposed to be new and awesome and they have an odor shield. I suppose they'll be good then!

6) Airheads Bites. Approx retail: $0.87-$1.29.
    There will be no photo of these because I've already eaten them! They're essentially just mini bite-size versions of Airheads. I love candy, and I love Airheads, so these were perfect for me.

7) SinfulColors No Text Red. Approx retail: $1.99.
    I love nail polish, and I love red. This nail polish relates to its name as part of SinfulColors' new campaign against texting and driving. You're supposed to paint your thumbs red as a reminder not to text while driving. I think it's a fun way to get people talking about the issue of texting and driving in everyday conversation.

All in all, I loved this VoxBox. It's only my second one, and I'm so pleased with it. I'm so excited to try all these products!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mail Call Catch Up!

I haven't been blogging much recently, and I definitely haven't been keeping up with my mail call posts! So this one is going to be extra long! I'm sorry abut the poor quality photos! My camera has been fighting me, and it's obviously winning!

1) Herbal Essences Body Wash sample/travel size (Teen Vogue's Back To School promotion)

2) BioTrue Contact Solution travel/sample size (Target samples) 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Outfit of the Day : Floral in the Rain

If you've read any of my outfit-of-the-day posts, you'll see I have a penchant for floral...that is merely coincidence. I mean, I do love floral patterns, obviously, since I wear floral a lot! But on to the post!
Today was an unusually rainy day. The rest of this week so far has been sunny, breezy, and mid-60s to mid-70s, but today I woke up to pouring rain. It rained all throughout the day with a bit of drizzling once in a while, which was when I went out to get these pictures. Unfortunately, because of the rain and the fog, which did add some cool effects, the lighting was terrible outside, and most of the pictures came out grainy or blurry, but like I've said before, sometimes grainy photos have a lot of character. I think in this case, they do! Or maybe it's just me again. *Warning, this post is photo heavy!*


And that's really all for now! As always, thanks for stopping by & reading! xoxo

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Six Pieces Three Ways

I love seeing the "this many pieces this many ways" posts because it's a great reminder that I can put together a lot of different outfits using what's already in my closet. I just have to find the inspiration. Just today I got some new clothes, and I was immediately inspired to pair the new items with items I already own, so I grabbed six pieces and put together three different outfits.


Look #1:

Outfit of the Day : Ombre

Today's weather is warm, sun shiny, and absolutely lovely. So, of course, I had to wear a skirt! But, it was also one of those (extremely rare) days where dressing up would be simply superfluous so I decided to keep my outfit casual.

Having a shirt untucked gives the appearance of a longer waist for those of you who may not have a long torso.

Shirt tucked in brings the skirt hem up higher giving the appearance of longer legs.
White Ribbed Tank: Aerie by American Eagle. No longer available. Alternatives here.
Skirt: Mossimo Supply Co. at Target. No (Mossimo) alternatives.
Shirt: J. Crew. No longer available.
Shoes: Rue21. No longer available. No (online) alternatives.

I've found that I kind of like grainy photos in a way. I think it adds some character. Or maybe it's just me coping with the fact that my camera does not work very well indoors. Either way.

As always thanks for stopping by & reading! xoxo